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Need Professional Sewer Pump Services in Concord, NC?

Sewage pumps are used to pump water out of low-lying places like attics and crawl spaces. 

They are mostly installed in basement bathrooms, and inside septic tanks to make sure that sewage is removed from the property. At Magellan Plumbing, we provide professional sewer pump services in Concord, NC, and we are well-equipped to perform installation, repair, and maintenance services.

Sewage pup is a necessity for homeowners who have a bathroom, a basement, or a septic tank. These pumps are needed to facilitate easy ad fast movement of waste.

When you need sewage piping services in Concord, NC, you can rely on the experts at Magellan Plumbing. We offer an array of plumbing and sewage services, and when you pick us up for your sewage repair job, you can rest easy knowing that it will be done efficiently, and correctly. 

Concord Effluent Pumps 

Opting for septic effluent pumps is a sure way to ensure that water runs efficiently away from your house in Concord, NC. The installation of an effluent pump is identical to a sump pump except that for efficient pups, additional pipes will be needed to run outside of your home to eliminate odors that may come because of the waste. 

Our professional plumbers at Magellan Plumbing are skilled in the installation of septic effluent pumps. Contact us today for any effluent pump-related issues in Concord, NC. 

Grinder Pumps 

Magellan Plumbing specializes in grinder pump repair, replacement, and maintenance in Concord NC. A grinder pump serves as a wastewater pumping device through which waste water from fixtures, kitchen sinks, toilets e.t.c flows into from the sewer pipes.

Contact us today for your grinder pump repairs, replacements, or upgrades in Concord, NC.

Concord Sewer & Drain Pump Repairs

Our professional team of plumbers has on-hands experience in the repairs of every kind of sewer and drain pump in residential and commercial buildings.

If your pump chamber is filled with the buildup of waste or the pump is emitting foul odors, a repair is timely. Failure to do this as soon as possible will read to a blockage in the chamber. Have you noticed any signs of a failed pump? Call Magellan Plumbing; our experienced team in Concord, NC can quickly resolve the problem and get your sewer and drain pump back in working condition.

Concord Sewer & Drain Pump Replacements 

In order for your home to function properly, your sewer and drain pipe systems must function properly. However, chances are that your sewer and drain pumps might need replacement at some point in their lifetime, perhaps due to neglect or age. Whatever the case may be, Magellan Plumbing is here to help. Your sewer and drain pump replacement are in safe hands.

Concord Sump Pumps

Having a sump pump is highly beneficial as they help prevent flooding in the cellar of homes situated in areas susceptible to flooding. Magellan plumbing specializes in the installation, repairs, maintenance, and servicing of sump pumps in Concord, NC. We are highly experienced in this field, and can easily determine the best solution for your home and budget. Contact us today for your sump pump needs.



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