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Need Professional Gas Piping Services in Concord NC?

Natural gas provides a cost-effective way to fuel your home. You get more with gas-more comfort, more reliability, and more savings. While plumbing professionals are often times associated with drainage pipes and sewage systems, we are certainly more than that. At Magellan Plumbing,  we also offer residential and commercial gas services in Concord, NC.

Gas piping systems are very identical to the piping system used for your plumbing. This means that our plumbing experts are very familiar with and comfortable taking up gas piping installation projects. 

We also are conversant with the regulations associated with gas piping and will ensure that your gas piping designs tick off all the safety requirements. If you are considering converting your existing electrical appliances to gas-powered appliances,  Contact us; our experts at Magellan Plumbing are sure to deliver you high-quality gas piping services in Concord, NC. 

Concord Earthquake Gas Shutoff Valve Repair & Installation

The installation of an earthquake shut-off valve is important for any property owner that uses a gas line for appliances in a region that is prone to earthquakes. At Magellan Plumbing, we provide earthquake as shutoff valve installation services in Concord, NC in the event of seismic activity.

Concord Gas Appliance Installation

Choosing to install gas appliances is not only a great choice for the environment but for your pocket too. The professionals at Magellan Plumbing can assist you in selecting the kind of gas appliance that is best suited for you and then provide fast and professional gas appliance installation services in Concord, NC.

Concord Gas Leak Locating

Gas leaks are very dangerous. If you suspect a cut in your gas line, don’t hesitate to contact a licensed plumber to handle the leak. It is always safe to rely on an experienced plumber in locating gas leaks. If you’re looking for a dedicated, licensed company in Concord,  NC to handle your leak detection and repairs, contact Magellan Plumbing right away.

Concord Gas Line Repairs

Gas lines are an essential part of your home; they power your day-to-day appliances that make your life comfortable. When you need gas line repairs in Concord NC, hiring the right plumbing company makes the difference between a reliable, functional system or regular calls to the repair company for additional problems. Magellan Plumbing offers high-quality, durable repair services in Concord, NC. Contact us today.

Concord Gas System Inspections & Testing

Magellan Plumbing utilizes top-quality equipment and gas detection tools in performing gas system inspections and testing in Concord, NC.  After testing, we will provide comprehensive documentation of our analysis of your gas system, as well as recommended actions to correct defects in your gas system. To learn more about our gas system inspections and testing services, contact us.

Concord Commercial Gas Piping

If you use any gas appliances in your commercial building, you need a gas line to supply fuel. Magellan Plumbing offers a myriad of commercial gas piping services in Concord, NC. We are available to tend to your gas piping needs if you need a gas pipe installed, repaired, or replaced. Call us today to book an appointment.



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