Water Filtration Services

We know that a lot of the homes in our area utilize well water which is full of sediment, minerals and other contaminants that are not ideal for water usage in your home. Although municipal water may be “cleaner”, it still contains many of the same minerals found in well water, but also contains harmful chemicals that are used to treat the water. 

The best way to determine the best solution to clean and filter your water is to have a water sample sent to a lab for testing. These tests will tell us the contaminants found in the water and the levels of each contaminant. The experts that manufacture our water filtration systems can use these results to find the best system for your home. We are also more than happy to install a system that you purchase.

Not all homes require a whole house system, nor do all homeowners have the ability to invest in a full system. When this is the case, many homeowners look into a point of use filtration system that is used for drinking/cooking water. A reverse osmosis system can be installed underneath your kitchen sink with a separate faucet for the filtered water, so you can drink and cook with clean water. The Aqua Flo Reverse Osmosis system can remove 99.9% of all contaminants in the water.


Brands we install:

  • Novo

  • Aquaflo

Types of systems we install:

  • Reverse osmosis

  • Softeners

  • Carbon filters

  • Sediment filters

  • Iron filters

  • Manganese filters

  • UV lights